2011 Jr. Texas Water Safari

We had 40 teams (70 participants) enter and finish this year.  We had cash prizes from a pot that totaled $845 distributed through a drawing.  We also had a second drawing with the volunteers names in the pot for gift cards to various restaurants. 

Trophies were made from a railroad iron rail that was removed from underneath the Martindale low water crossing.  Thanks to Fred Mynar, John Maika, John Baltzell, Erin Magee, and Jerry Cochran for their efforts in getting it out.  Martindale locals claimed that it was from the old 1920’s bridge.   It had scraped many canoes over the years.

Cash Prize Winners

Name Prize Amount
1st Grady Reed $300
2nd Fred Mynar and Holly Orr $175
3rd Richard “Doc” Linden $125
4th John Baltzell $100
5th Michael McGuire $80
6th Buddy Hudson $65

Volunteer gift card winners

  • Fred Mynar
  • Kristin Daniel
  • John Maika
  • Zoltan Mraz


Place Special Recognition Team Members Time
1 1st Unlimited Bobby Smart
Clay Wyatt
Wes Wyatt
John Dupont
Wade Binion
Gaston Jones
2 1st Mixed Erin Magee
Jerry Cochran
3 1st ICF K-1 John Baltzell 2:24:13
4 2nd Mixed Fred Mynar
Holly Orr
5 2nd ICF K-1 Johan Dahl 2:28:52
6 3rd ICF K-1 Mark Addison 2:28:53
7 2nd Unlimited Michael Vandeveer
Christopher Stevenson
Tim Curry
Chris Paddack
Jay Daniel
Andrew Condie
8 1st Tandem Johathan Zeek
Joshua Zeek
9 1st Men's Solo Grady Reed 2:47:52
10 1st Sr. Solo Phil Bowden 2:48:00
11 3rd Unlimited Debbie Richardson
Mike Drost
Janie Glos
12 1st Aluminum Eric Whicker
Roy Tyrone
13 2nd Tandem Jim Pye
John Maika
14 2nd Aluminum Matt Peryn
Cody Ackermann
15 3rd Aluminum Ian Rolls
Jimmy Macmillan
16 4th Unlimited Gary Kohut
Marilyn Kohut
Morgan Kohut
17 1st Masters Solo Wendell Smith 3:08:35
18 1st USCA C-1 Chris White 3:10:21
19 1st Women's Molly Binion
Sam Binion
20 2nd Sr. Solo Buddy Hudson 3:15:50
21 2nd Masters Solo Michael Mcguire 3:16:36
22 2nd USCA C-1 Ryan Roye 3:18:30
23 1st USCA C-2 Steven Unruh
Stephen Nelson
24 4th Aluminum Ed Jones
Bill Mccanse
25 4th ICF K-1 Mahon Motley 3:30:38
26 3rd Sr. Solo Richard Linden 3:30:42
27 1st Women's Solo Lindsay Stillman 3:32:25
28 3rd Tandem Evan Mecredy
Henry Mecredy
29 3rd Masters Solo David Dobbins 3:37:03
30 3rd Mixed John Mark
Molly Harras
31 4th Masters Solo Pat Stroka 3:37:50
32 5th Aluminum Andrew Nelson
Amy Nelson
33 4th Tandem Cj Hall
Jason Cade
34 2nd Men's Solo Justin Love 3:55:40
35 5th Masters Solo Mike Smith 3:58:44
36 4th Sr. Solo Mark Taylor 4:07:35
37 3rd Men's Solo William Barnes 4:15:45
38 1st Novice Mark Walker
Michael Walker
39 4th Men's Solo Stephen Mack 4:34:45
40 5th Tandem Jerry Bayless
Brittany Bayless