Texas Water Safari Hall of Fame

Since the original race in 1963, the Texas Water Safari has grown in size, not only in the number of participants, but also in its acclaim. While some participants enter only once, with a goal to finish, it is like an addiction for others that race year after year. In recognition of each paddler’s dedication to the race, the TWS Board created the Texas Water Safari Hall of Fame in 2012. On the 50th anniversary of the race, membership was granted to all competitors that complete a minimum of 10 Texas Water Safaris. Oddly enough, 50 competitors had completed at least 10 safaris. The board also created three levels of recognition. A 2600-mile club for all those that had completed 10 to 19 finishes, a  5200-mile Club for those that had competed 20 to 29 safaris and a 7800 mile club for those that had completed 30 or more Safaris. Each year following the creation of the Hall of Fame new inductees are inducted when they attain 10, 20 or 30 finishes.

Since the initiation of the Hall of Fame, 69 paddlers have been honored- . Some noteworthy accomplishments include John Bugge, who has completed 39 safaris and Pete Binion who has completed 25 in a row. A list of the Texas Water Safari inductees is listed below.


2600 Mile Club

2012- Wade Binion, Phil Bowden, Larry Coffey, Jay Daniel, Kathie Derrick, Peter Derrick, John Dunn, Jack Elvig, Mark Elvig, Gib Hafernick, West Hansen, Joe Hunt, Daryl Jiral, Jim Keirnan, Erin Mcgee, John Maika, Hoyt Moss, Zoltan Mraz, Joe Mynar, Johnny Prochaska, Sammy Prochaska, Timothy Rask, Mike Riley, Vance Sherrod, Mark Simmons, Robert Smart, Allen Spelce, Ginsie Stauss, Richard Steppe, Charlie Stewart, Chuck Stewart, James Ward, Jeff Wueste, Sandy Yonley, Tommy Yonley, Robert Youens; 2013 – Gaston Jones, Jim Pye, Jon Schoepflin; 2014 – Stacy Greer, Michael Rendon, 2015- Holly Orr, Jeff Glock; 2016- Max Feaster, Jonathan Yonley, Ken Startz; 2017 – Tim Curry, Mike Drost, Kyle Mynar, Chris Paddack, Liam Price


5200 Mile Club

2012– Pete Binion, Jerry Cochran, John Dupont, Tom Goynes, John Mark Harras, Grady Hicks, Brian Mynar, Fred Mynar, Pat Petrisky, Mike Shively, Ted Slaughter, Bill Stafford, Owen West; 2013– John Dunn; 2016– Wade Binion; 2017 – Tommy Yonley


7800 Mile Club

2012- John Bugge; 2016 John Mark Harras


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