Are entry fees refundable?

No.  Entry fees are not refundable or deferrable.


Do team captains ride in the canoe with the racers?

No. Team captains provide support to the racers from the land.  See Rules and Procedures for team captain responsibilities.


Can teams share team captains?

No. A person can only team captain for one team.  


Is another brand of GPS tracking device other than SPOT allowed?

No.  Only SPOT device is allowed.  Cannot use Generation 1 or 2 or Trace.  Can only use Generation 3, 4 or X.


Does TWS rent SPOT devices?

No.  The TWS does not rent SPOT devices.


Is there a forum to discuss the race with other racers, gain additional information, purchase or rent boats?

Yes.  See TWS Helpful Links under Information menu option.


How will I find out if my boat number has been accepted for TRM and TWS?

You will be notified by email within 2-3 weeks of registering if your first boat number choice is not available.  Entry lists for Texas River Marathon and Texas Water Safari will be posted on the website, boat numbers can be verified there as well.  


Does a racer have to enter Novice class if they have never done the race before?

No. The Novice Division is a reserved for first time participants but is not required.


Are there night holds during the TWS?

No.  This is a continous race.  


Are Masters and Adult/Child specific classes that one has to register for?

No.  There are special designations that are determined by age and are recognized during the awards ceremony.


Is there public access to Swingin’ Bridge – Bloomington Checkpoint other than during TWS?

No. DO NOT ACCESS SWINGIN' BRIDGE CHECKPOINT FOR TRAINING RUNS.  We have received word from Port Authority of canoe racers launching boats at the checkpoint for training runs. Victoria Port Authority considers this trespassing.  This area is patrolled.


An announcement will be made if there will be access on Sunday after the Texas River Marathon.


What is covered during the TWS Seminar?

The seminar covers Rules, Detailed Course Description, Team Captain Duties, Nutrition, Equipment, Boat Repairs and General A&Q at the end.  The TWS seminar is saved on our Facebook page.


Are canoes and required equipment checked for the Texas River Marathon?

No, canoes and equipment are not checked at the TRM but waivers are required for racers and team captain. However, all required equipment except: SPOT Trackers, Flares and White Light are required.


Are Team Captains required for the Texas River Marathon?

Yes.  Each team must have 1 Team Captain.  Team Captains cannot be shared.  The Team Captain for a team in the TRM does not have to be the same Team Captain for the Texas Water Safari.


Does the canoe a team races in the Texas Marathon have to be the same canoe that is raced in the Water Safari?

No, it doesn’t have to be the same canoe but it has to be the same type of boat to be raced in the Texas Water Safari in order to hold your starting position.

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