Texas River Marathon ( aka, “The Prelim”)

Starting at the River Haven RV Resort and ending at the Pump House Restaurant, this great race is run over 35 miles of the fastest water on the Texas Water Safari course.

Finishing positions in the Texas River Marathon, also fondly known as "The Prelim", are used to determine starting positions in the Safari itself, (with one position on each row being set aside for out-of-state teams whose members cannot all make it to Texas in early May.) Elapsed times for this race at high water can be breathtakingly fast and it is a highly competitive race, while being fun for all concerned.

In addition to qualifying teams for superior starting positions, this event provides racers with the opportunity to see a couple of the only real rapids on the racecourse. Many Texas Water Safari racers will traverse the "Nursery rapids" during the night and it can be very helpful to have seen them during the daylight first during the Texas River Marathon.

As with all TWS sponsored races, Safari rules and classes apply.

The Texas River Marathon is held every May. See the TWS Race Calendar for this year’s dates and deadlines for registration. 

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