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Ensure that you read through all of the Race Rules and Procedures there have been updates and clarifications to registration, required equipment, check-in,  for deadlines for pricing and holding prelim finish position for TWS starting lineup position.  

Please choose options carefully when registering.   If racing with a team you will need the following information to complete registration: email address, phone number, mailing address, age, birth date, t-shirt size, number of safari’s entered, number of safari’s completed, and t-shirt size.  Required team captain information is name, email address, phone number and t-shirt size. Boat Numbers – 3 unique choices – max of 4 digits.  No leading zeros.


Registration Links:  

Texas River Marathon "Prelim" – CLOSED

Texas Water Safari  – Coupon code to receive 50% discount of off Youth paddler registration (age 13-17) is TWSYOUTH.

Calhoun's Gator Chase  – CLOSED



Contact is you have any questions regarding the registration information below or issues with the coupon code.  Any issues with the actual registration process on Racehub, click on the Feedback & Support button on the screen.


  1. Registration Information






    1. All team members (paddlers) and team captains will enter this race at their own risk and the Texas Water Safari Corporation, and its judges, officials, and sponsors will not be liable for accidents to personnel or damage to any property or equipment.
    2. The minimum age to race any team event sponsored by the Texas Water Safari Corporation is 13 years of age. Racers under 18 years of age must race with an adult in the boat and an adult must remain in the boat for the duration of the race. A parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver of liability for all minors.






      1. The minimum age for any solo classification sponsored by the Texas Water Safari Corporation is 18 years of age. This rule applies to anyone wishing to race in any of the following races:






        1. The Texas River Marathon
        2. The Texas Water Safari
        3. The Jr. Texas Water Safari
        4. Calhoun’s Gator Chase
    3. Each team that enters the Texas Water Safari must have one team captain, and the option to designate a second team captain. Teams are strongly encouraged to designate co-team captains. Every team captain must be officially designated, sign a liability waiver and must be at least 18 years old.
    4. All entries must register with at least one team captain.  If not, the entry will be rejected and a new entry will have to be submitted.
    5. Entry Fees are tiered according to the calendar published on the Texas Water Safari website.
    6. Entries are final and there are no refunds or deferments.
    7. Any changes to entry (including racers or team captains) will incur a $25 admin fee in addition to other applicable fees.
    8. If a team member must be replaced:






      1. The replacement team member will be charged according to the current pricing tier.
      2. Team Members cannot be replaced after registration closes.
      3. Teams cannot be combined after registration closes.
    9. Starting positions are based on the results of the Texas River Marathon.






      1. All other entrants and incomplete teams will be placed on the starting grid in the order in which the entries were received.
      2. Out of State teams which do not participate in the TRM will be placed on the outside position of each row by date of entry.
    10. To hold a starting spot based on the results of The Texas River Marathon the full team must be registered by midnight of the Sunday immediately following the Texas River Marathon.
    11. Postponement






      1.  In the event the Texas Water Safari is postponed team members may be substituted without additional charge.
      2. Postponement dates are published in the calendar and postponements will not trigger a refund.
    12. Entrants will be given the boat number of their choice provided it is not already taken. Applicants should provide three boat numbers in order of preference. If there is no alternate number given or, all are taken, a number will be assigned. It is the responsibility of the entrants to provide their own boat numbers. See Section 3a: viii.

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