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Few people realize the amount of time, energy and money it takes to put on a race such as this one. Aside from the actual costs of the trophies and awards, printing and postage, T-shirts and the banquet, there are many hours of watching and waiting that are spent by our dedicated officials and communications experts. Without this unselfish dedication, we would not be able to host the race, year after year.  If you believe in the race as we do, that it is a fantastic builder of character – a developer of the will, then please help us hold the event.

We need volunteers to serve as Checkpoint Officials and Check-In Officials. Without the support of our volunteers, the race could not go on. If you have volunteered in the past, we appreciate your help- thanks for doing it. It’s a glamorous job, with a free T-shirt and if you work at least 8 hours, a meal in Seadrift is on us. There are lots of mosquitoes and more fire ants than you can count, but there is also a good ration of satisfaction for helping out with the race.  If you can man a checkpoint for a period of time, or if you can volunteer for two or more time periods at one or more checkpoints-we definitely need your help.

Volunteers who work for 8 or more hours will recieve a Safari T-shirt and a free meal at the Awards Banquet after the race!

Send an email with the following information to texaswatersafari@yahoo.com if you are able to volunteer.


_____________________from _________ (day/time) to______________(day/time)


_____________________from ____________ (day/time) to______________(day/time)


[  ]  I will be available for the check-in Friday     [  ]  I’m available, get with me later on time/place


NAME __________________________ADDRESS ____________________________


CITY/STATE/ZIP _____________________________ PHONE __________________


EMAIL ADDRESS ____________________  T-SHIRT SIZE (if applicable)___________




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