The Standard Class was created a long time ago to fill a certain niche. There were a lot of boats kicking around that were neither fish nor fowl. They were too skinny and fast to compete in the Novice (and certainly in the Aluminum class because they were not made of aluminum) and not fast enough to compete against USCA C2 boats.

Tom Goynes created this class to cover such boats as the Jensen 18. Under no circumstances should this class be confused with the USCA Standard Cruising Class. Those boats are too fast and too long to be allowed in Safari Standard Class. However, you could race one in the USCA-C2 class.

Boat Specifications

Canoes are limited to a maximum of 18' and the width at the waterline shall be 15% of the length. Minimum depth of bow and stern is 16". Minimum depth at center is 12". Canoes such as the 17' Beaver, the 18' Sundowner and Jensen 18' by Wenonah, etc will fit in this class. Any questions about a specific boat should be addressed via email, Limited to two entrants, single blade paddles (no rudders).