This class goes back about 20 years. It provides a class for racers who have never completed a Safari. It is highly recommended as a starting place for new Safari racers. But don't kid yourself–most years, if you want to win this class, you better know how to paddle and prepare your boat and your body for a real race. Some really serious horses enter this race almost every year. Best craft if you can still find one is the Alumacraft Voyageur rigged and outfitted exactly as a seasoned aluminum entry would be. Think about it–if you finish in another class, you will never, ever, be able to say you won the Novice Class. Sure Brian Mynar has won 14 times overall–but without a Novice win, he will never really have anything to be proud of!!!!!

Boat Specifications

Canoes are limited to stock or non-racing canoes with a maximum length of 17'4". Most aluminum, ABS Royalex, polyethylene, and fiberglass, as well as many older factory made wood canoes will fit this category. Canoes made of Kevlar, and/or having sharp, non-rounded bows and sterns (e.g. Beaver aluminum canoes) are not allowed. Rudders are not allowed.  Any questions about a specific boat should be addressed with the TWS via email, Furthermore, this class is limited to contestants who have never before completed the Safari. Limited to two entrants, single blade paddles (no rudders). Note: Novice Class does not imply novice paddling skills. Solid paddling skills are mandatory for entry in the TWS.