The Texas Water Safari (TWS) has reconsidered it's decision to allow the cuts known as Blue Bayou, Spring Bayou, Cornfield Cut and other unnamed cuts to be legal cuts in the TWS.  These cuts are no longer considered legal cuts in the TWS.  Please review the rule below.  We regret any inconvenience this may have caused, but the TWS board believes this decision is in the best interest of the race.

Section 5 Competition Rules

i.        Teams must negotiate over, around, under or through all obstacles from the originating point in San Marcos along the entire length of the rivers and bays to the finish line in Seadrift.

i.          For any "shortcut" to be legal, it must have a flow of river water through it.

ii.           Overland portages are not allowed except where necessary for log jams, dams, or bridges.

iii.          Teams are required to exit the river immediately above each obstacle and return to the water immediately after clearing the obstacle.

iv.          EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE (places where river or bay water flows, but which are still illegal) are:

1.      The left channel around Thompson's Island below the road bridge.

2.      The Victoria barge canal and the boat cut between San Antonio Bay and the barge canal.

3.       Any cuts between Hwy 59 (Loop 175) and Swinging Bridge.



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