As you are aware, the eye of Hurricane Harvey made landfall only 20 miles from Seadrift, Texas.  Thousands of Texans have been devastated from the impact of Harvey.  Some may never fully recover.

Seadrift is a small community, often overshadowed by Port O’Connor and Rockport.  However, for the Texas Water Safari (TWS) and the racing community it’s a special place.  Seadrift has been the finish line for the Texas Water Safari, Barrier to The Bay and other races.

The Seadrift community has always supported the Texas Water Safari.  In fact, many of their residents have raced and won the Texas Water Safari.

Now we can help them.  And in the process repay, in our own way, their generosity and support over the years.  TWS is holding the Junior Texas Water Safari September 16.  The TWS Board has decided to donate all proceeds from the race to the relief efforts in Seadrift.

Much more can be done.  TWS has also set up a link for the racing community to make a cash donation. are pictures of the damage to Seadrift.

The organization, or organizations, to receive our help have not been selected in Seadrift.  Some are still forming.  But, and this is important, the money will go directly to local organizations instead of large national relief groups.  The TWS Board is committed to making sure the residents of Seadrift receive the full benefit from your donations.

If you have questions or comments, please email us at about the donation drive for Seadrift or the Jr. Texas Water Safari.

The Jr. Texas Water Safari will be held September 16, 2017.  Race day registration only, from 7:45 to 8:45.  The race will start at 9:00 AM at San Marcos City Park and finish at Staples.  Awards and meal will be at Spencer Canoes under the pavilion.  Beans and potato salad will be provided, if folks could bring a side dish and dessert would be appreciated.  Chris and Susie Paddack have graciously agreed to cook the meat and sausage provided by the TWS.

We hope to see everyone at the Jr., if not there at the big one in June!


TWS Board

Jerry Cochran

Bob Spain

Harvey Babb

Jay Daniel

Allen Spelce


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