Team 43 penalized

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The Following Notice is Posted by the Texas Water Safari Board for Competitors, Race Officials, Spectators and Friends:

On June 14th a written complaint was filed with the Texas Water Safari Board as a result of members of team number 43 using "No Trespassing" signs to mark the entrance to the short cut around the log jam below the Bloomington Railroad Crossing. This was intended to be a humorous way to mark what had become an open secret over the training season.

While there was no intent to mislead anyone and the actions were outside the actual confines of the race, the TWS Board has come to the conclusion that this action could have had a material impact on the outcome of someone's race. With this in mind, and the fact that a TWS Board member was involved, the harshest penalty since the 1960s has been handed down.

In response to the complaint against Team number 43, which includes TWS Board Member Jay Daniel, the TWS Board has assessed a six hour time penalty. This will change the finishing place from 8th to 18th. An apology follows:

As a Texas Water Safari Board of Directors Member and as President of the TCKRA; I would like to publicly apologize for being involved in something that from an outward appearance could have had an impact on the integrity of the race. I apologize to my fellow racers, spectators, Board members and most of all the teammates that were not involved. These markings were never intended to intentionally mislead anyone.

— Jay Daniel

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