1. Required Equipment




    a.  Each team is required to have:

i.     First aid kit (contents determined by team members and team captain)

ii.     Two-way communication device

1.      Use of the device to contact a race official will be considered a request for assistance and is grounds for disqualification.

2.      Any paddler or Team Captain requested by another team needing assistance in an emergency situation, can use their two-way communication device and will not be subject to disqualification.

iii.     Snakebite kit (contents determined by team members and team captain)

iv.     An efficient signaling device (whistle).

1.      Solo paddlers must attach signaling device to their person.

v.     Flares

1.      A minimum of three (3) Coast Guard approved red aerial flares with a current expiration date that satisfies all Coast Guard day and night signal requirements.

2.      Solo paddlers must attach said flares to their person (e.g. to a belt or life jacket) while crossing the San Antonio Bay.

3.      Flares are to be used to signal for aid only in life threatening situations.

a.      Use of flares is a signal for help and may be grounds for disqualification.

b.      Use of the flares for any other purpose shall be grounds for disqualification.

vi.     Personal Floatation Devices

1.      Each paddler must have in his or her possession a readily accessible, properly sized, Coast Guard approved, Personal Floatation Device. (PFD)

2.      The PFD must be a Type, I, II, III or V in good serviceable condition.

3.      Paddlers are responsible for wearing PFDs as recommended by the manufacturer.

4.      Racers found in the bay or on the river without a PFD for each person in the boat may be disqualified.

5.      Racers who have lost PFD(s) may be given a replacement at the any checkpoint or location but will be assessed a penalty of at least 15 minutes for each PFD replaced. When a          PFD is replaced during the race, it is the responsibility of the Team Captain to report the replacement at the next checkpoint.

6.      All racers are required to wear PFDs crossing the bay

a.      Racers found in the bay not wearing a lifejacket will be assessed a penalty of at least 2 hours for each violation.

b.      Inflatable PFDs must be inflated crossing the bay

vii.     SPOT Trackers

1.      All teams entered in the Texas Water Safari must have and carry a functioning SPOT device to be used for the duration of the race

2.      SPOT Devices will be inspected at check-in

3.      SPOT devices must be securely mounted in an unobstructed part of the boat to allow the device to operate.

4.      Is the responsibility of the team and/or the team captain(s) to reset the SPOT at least every 24 hours. The team captain(s) may reach in and remove the device to reset or check its functions as needed. Intentional disabling of the SPOT or failure to reset the device as needed, or requested by officials, may result in a time penalty.

5.      A SPOT that stops working during the race may be replaced. A SPOT is deemed non-working if no signal has been received for more than two hours. Teams will be notified by officials if a SPOT is not working and some replacement SPOTS will be available at checkpoints by TWS Officials.

6.      All SPOT units, whether privately owned or rental, must have new batteries inserted prior to the race start.

7.      All teams must carry one (1) extra set of batteries for the SPOT device.

8.      Any use of the “help” or “SOS” functions will be grounds for disqualification, equivalent to firing a flare and asking for assistance. Use of other functions, “OK” and “preset     messages" are allowed.

                                                     viii.     The following is exempt from the Texas River Marathon:

     1.      White Light

     2.      Spot Tracker

     3.      Flares

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