The heavy rains and the ongoing flooding conditions of the past 2 weeks have created conditions that cause the postponement of the race for two weeks, until June 25, 2016.

This was a difficult decision and the Texas Water Safari Board understands the impact it will have on racers, team captains, support crews and volunteers.

          The decision to postpone is based on a number factors.  First, we want to give teams time to cancel and make travel plans at least a week out.  Second, the high water NOAA projections, going 6 days out, and the GBRA official website indicate flooding conditions will still be present throughout the upcoming weekend, even if there is minimal rainfall.

          The Texas Water Safari Board is certainly understanding of problems that may arise as a result of this delay.  But because many participants will need to adjust travel plans, time off from work, vacation schedules, we wanted to get this notice to you as soon as it was obvious the race could not be run on its traditional weekend.

          This postponement is not an unprecedented action.  In fact, over the 54 year history of The Texas Water Safari, weather conditions have led to postponement of the race several times. 

         We know you have questions about the impact of this postponement on your racing plans.  As a result, we have added a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) portion to this message.

         Additionally, if you have volunteered to help with this year’s race, please email  allen.spelce@gmail.com about your availability for the June 25th date.

  Thanks for your understanding.

 The Texas Water Safari Board


2016 Texas Water Safari Postponement FAQ


Since the Texas Water Safari was postponed can we enter if we were not previously entered in the race?

We will not be accepting new entrants into the race except in conditions listed below.


I have lost a team member(s) due to the TWS postponement can I add a new team member(s)?

Can I enter as a team member for a team that has lost a team member(s)?

A team member can be replaced by a current entrant or by a paddler not previously entered in the race. If a NEW (Not previously registered) paddler enters then all applicable late fees ($200) will be charged to that paddler but not the entire team.

Teams that replace a team member or members will lose their starting position under the provision that all team members must be present in the Texas River Marathon and registered by May 4th.


Can I change my entry class?

Can I team up with other entrants and change classes?

You can change the class you are racing in, e.g. Tandem Unlimited to USCA C-2 but you will lose your starting position under the provision that you must race in the class in the Texas River Marathon that you enter in the TWS in order to hold a starting position. If three two person teams wish to team up they may do so but are relegated to the rear of the starting field.


I can’t make it to the race on the postponement date can I get a refund?

Participants that cannot make the postponement date or opt out of racing may receive a refund. Those who are not able to race and wish to have their entry fees considered a donation to the Texas Water Safari Corporation may request the appropriate documentation for tax purposes.


My team Captain(s) can’t make it can I replace him/her/them?

Team Captains can be replaced without penalty.




All changes must be sent by e-mail to texaswatersafari@yahoo.com and all payments postmarked by June 11.

As always we welcome your questions at texaswatersafari@yahoo.com

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