SPOT Tracker Rules

  1. All teams entered in the TWS must have and carry a functioning SPOT device to be used for tracking purposes for the duration of the race.

  2. SPOT devices must be securely mounted in an unobstructed part of the boat to allow the device to operate. Devices will be inspected at check in.

  3. It is the responsibility of the team and/or team captain to reset the SPOT at least every 24 hours. The team captain may reach in and remove the device to reset or check its functions as needed. Intentional disabling of the SPOT or failure to reset the device as needed or requested by officials may result in a time penalty.

  4. A SPOT that stops working during the race may be replaced. A SPOT is deemed non-working if no signal has been received for more than 2 hours. Teams will be notified by officials if a SPOT is not working and replacement SPOTs will be available at checkpoints.

  5. Any use of the "help" or "sos" functions will be grounds for disqualification, equivalent to firing a flare and asking for assistance. Use of other functions, "ok" and "preset message" are allowed under the one way communication rule.

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