Race Check-in Instructions and Information

  • Race Check-in begins at 9:00 am on Friday, June 11, 2021. 


  • Teams may arrive early at the Meadows Center to unload boat and gear so that everything is ready for the teams assigned check-in time.  Do not proceed to Race Check-in table until boat, required equipment, inventory form and waivers are completed.  You may come to side table at Race Check in to ask for inventory form and waivers if not completed beforehand.  Ensure that you have everything set up to begin check-in at your assigned time.


  • All teams must sign up for a check-in time.  Emails were sent out to team member who registered the team.  Teams must be signed up by June 4 or time will be assigned.  Teams may leave after check in is complete.  See below for details regarding Race Briefing.


  • At your assigned check in time: Proceed to registration table to pick up race packet at Check-in table prior to having a Race Official to check in your boat and collect signed waivers. Race Official will be wearing TWS Race Official shirts and carrying clipboards.  Race Officials should be at the check-in table when you get you race packet and will follow you to your boat.  If a Race Official is not available to the check in table – look for one on the way back to your boat and let one know where you are located and they will come to you once they finish up current boat they are checking in.  Race bag will contain racer t-shirts, team captain t-shirts and TC vehicle placards.  The placards must be displayed on TC vehicle dashboard.


  • Required Equipment will be checked at this time – see Section 3 Required Equipment on the website. Click here for rules.  It is highly recommended that the paperwork is filled out ahead of time and ready to be reviewed when race official checks boat in. Team Inventory sheet is available under The Race menu option. This is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.  Verify expiration date of Flares before coming to check-in to determine if new flares are needed.


  • Racers and Team Captains must sign waivers.  Waivers will be available online and we encourage completing beforehand and brought to race check.  Waiver forms will also be available at check-in.  Waivers must be completed prior to engaging a Race Official to complete check-in. 


  • Read Waiver instructions carefully that are posted on the website.

There are 2 waivers that each racer and TC must sign. One person per waiver. The guardian section is only completed if the racer is a minor. You must sign your name, print your name and FILL IN COMPLETE ADDRESS. Also complete the Emergency Contact Information section.  Write boat number at the top of each waiver.

If a racer or TC cannot be on site Friday to sign waivers, they must sign waiver Saturday morning by 7:30.

Race officials will collect the waivers from the team during when the boat is being checked.   Click here for link to waivers.


  • No race day check-in allowed.


  • Team Captain changes will incur $25 admin fee – payable at Check-in.  Cash, Check and Credit/Debit cards accepted.


  • Race briefing: will be from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Updated requirement as of June 6 – One racer and one team captain must attend race briefing in person.  If you choose not to attend in person, it will live-streamed on Texas Water Safari Facebook page.  It will also be uploaded that evening to the TWS Youtube Channel.  Links are available to FB and Youtube at the top or our website page.  Regardless of how you choose to attend the briefing, you are responsible for any new information that is presented e.g. mandatory portages. 


  • Register SPOT prior to race check-in on Friday.  Team will receive email with instructions for registering. 


  • There will be some Palmetto park passes available for sale at check-in table. Passes are required for anyone entering the park. This is official check point so all team captains will need one. Annual State Park Passes are valid as well.


  • Make sure your boat has been cleaned to TPWD guidelines.  The guidelines are posted on texaswatersafari.org under The Race menu (Clean Boat Campaign pdf).


  • Parking:   We will have a designated boat unloading area.  This is not a parking area.  It is for dropping off boats.  Please unload boats as quickly as possible.   See Parking Shuttle Announcement.


  • Questions can be emailed to texaswatersafari@yahoo.com

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