Parking Update

I have been asked to help with parking for check in. Due to construction on site, some creative planning is necessary, but it should be very workable and well worth the opportunity to begin the 50th anniversary race at Spring Lake.

Registration will begin at 8:30 AM on Friday and we ask that you please hold off arrival until that time. Officials and volunteers will be arriving early to assure that everything will be ready.

For TWS vets, it will look a bit different at check in. Registration is going to be on the golf course across the street from where we traditionally set up. There will be plenty of room adjacent to the Registration Tent to place your boat and prepare it for inspection. Unfortunately there is not much shade in that area. I have been told it will be ok to setup a pop up sun shade as long as you take it down before leaving.

There is very limited parking for racers, crews, and spectators near registration and once it is full, we will be directing people to park across Aquarena Springs Drive in the University Parking Lot. When on site parking fills up, we will maintain a route for teams to enter and drop off their boats before parking at the University Parking Lot. We will have shuttle buses circulating to the University Parking Lot on a regular basis. We will also reserve some handicap parking near registration on site for those in need.

There will be two police officers to help with parking, but I could also use a couple of volunteers. If you can help out, please email me at: and leave a phone number where I can contact you.

I look forward to seeing you at the 50th TWS!

Robert Youens

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