Gator Chase Entries as of 03-30-24.  16 Entries

Canoe # Name(s) Category Team Name
1 Benton Mahaffey, Bolin Mahaffey, Logan Canter Unlimited TX Rivermen
7 Dan Graves, Cristian Mandella  C2 Class  Hero's Journey 
19 Geoffrey Waters Solo Atollman
36 Myla Weber, Jim Weber Unlimited Are You Kidding Me?
43 John Watts Solo John Solo
101 Jeff Larsen Solo Lost Caddo
333 Heather Harrison, Wendell Smith  C2 Class  Slow Ride
807 John Mark Harras, Bobby Smart, Egan Gyldenege, Andrew Davis Unlimited The Cowboys
1010 Brady Lotz, Charles Cox Unlimited Brute Force
1337 keith campros Solo Water Weasel
1620 Hoyt Moss, Candace Morrison  C2 Class  Chew and Swallow
1984 Jared O'Brien, Chris Davis   C2 Class  Ride the Lightning 
2213 Joshua Halloran Solo That Damn Yankee
3203 Jerry  Cochran, Coby Brown, Ranson Moore Unlimited Changing lanes 
5755 Chris Wolff, Dane Wolff Recreation Howlers
8181 Ryan Tedrow, Marcus Monroe  C2 Class  Roe Row