Instructions for 2018 TWS Check-in


1.   Ensure that you have cleaned your boat according the Clean Boat Campaign guidelines before arriving to check-in.

  1. Occurs from 12:00 – 5:00 pm on the Friday before the race
  2. Must pick up race packet at Check-in table prior to Race Officials checking in team. Race bag will contain racer t-shirts, team captain t-shirts and TC vehicle placards.  The placards must be displayed on TC vehicle dashboard.
  3. Required Equipment will be checked at this time – see section 3 Required Equipment of the rules.
  4. Racers and Team Captains must sign waivers.  These must be completed before finding a Race Official to complete check-in. 

There are 2 waivers that each racer and TC must sign. One person per waiver. The guardian section is only completed if the racer is a minor. You must sign your name, print your name and FILL IN COMPLETE ADDRESS. Write boat number at the top of each waiver.

If a racer or TC cannot be on site Friday to sign waivers, they must sign waiver Saturday morning by 7:30.

Race officials will collect the waivers from the team during when the boat is being checked.

  1. SPOT Tracker activation verified by SPOT coordinator if not previously verified by email.
  2. Mandatory Pre-Race briefing at 4:00 pm must be attended by at least one racer or team captain from each team.
  3. Team Captain changes will incur $25 admin fee
  4. No race day check-in allowed
  5. Find a Race Official to complete check-in once your boat is unloaded with equipment that will be in the boat along with completed waivers and completed check in sheet (available online for printing to complete before you arrive).  Ensure that you have all required equipment for officials to verify. Check date of flares.

11.   Palmetto park passes will be available for sale at check-in table. Required for anyone entering the park. This is official check point so all team captains will need one. Annual State Park Passes are valid as well.

Please email with questions.


Thank you,

TWS Board Members

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