Waiver Instructions:

This year we are providing the option for waivers to be printed and completed before check-in.  Waivers will not be accepted electronically.  Printed waivers be collected by Race Check-in Officials when boat and equipment are checked. DO NOT PRINT DOUBLE SIDED.

The PDF file contains 2 waivers.  The waivers cannot be altered in any way including the size (8 ½ X11).  Each racer and team captain must complete each waiver. 

Page 1 – USCA Waiver – At the top of page circle Team Member or Team Captain and include boat Number.  Sign waiver where it says Participant Signature and then completely fill out Items 1-7.  If a team member is under 18, then complete the bottom section.

Pages 2-4 – Texas Water Safari Full Release, Hold Harmless, and Acknowledgement of Extreme Risk – Complete all information requested at the bottom of page 4.

2019 TWS Waivers


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