CHECK-IN – Friday, June 9

This year we have a record number of teams (151) entered into the Texas Water Safari. Official race check-in is from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm.  The mandatory racers briefing will begin at 4:00 PM underneath the registration tent.  All Racers and Team Captains will need to sign two waivers during check-in.  All equipment items must be at check-in for the race official to verify.  Food and drinks are not required at check-in.  Cell Phones do not have to be sealed at this point but you must show/explain how you will seal it.

Team Inventory Sheets are available to download and complete before you arrive at check-in.  Bring completed Inventory Sheet to check-in.  Located in The Race section on website.

Refer to the Clean Boat Campaign document also under The Race section on website to ensure your boat is properly cleaned before entering the lake. 

PARKING: If you have raced in the past you know parking is a challenge at The Meadows Center.  We encourage racers to come early to drop off their boat and gear that morning to avoid the early afternoon bottleneck.  If you are not checking in a boat go straight to the parking lot at Travis Elementary to catch the shuttle.  (See map below.) To insure future access for the start of the race, do not park on grass or get off paved parking area. We will have two shuttle buses that will run from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm on Friday.   


RACE DAY – Saturday, June 10

Shuttles will run on Saturday morning from 6:30am till 10:00am.


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